Cavern Diver
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The purpose of the PADI Cavern Diver specialty course is to familiarize divers with the skills, knowledge, planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards of cavern diving. The Cavern Diver course is intended to provide a safe, supervised introduction to diving in natural overhead environments.

Priorities in the course:

  • developing the student's practical knowledge of the cavern environment,
  • raising the student's awareness of the need for conservation and positive landowner relations,
  • familiarizing the student with the three direct and two major contributing causes of cave and cavern diving fatalities and how they form the basis of the safety rules around which this course and all subsequent cavern dives revolve,
  • enabling the student to plan and organize dives to safely explore caverns that fall within the stated limitations of Cavern Diver training and that offer conditions as good as the caverns in which the student was trained.

Be a renewed PADI Assistant Instructor (or higher rating) or have completed an IDC/OWSI within the last 12 months. Be certified as a full cave diver by a recognized cave diving training organisation.


Two days including confined training and four dives.


  • PADI Specialty Instructor Outline for Boat Diving
  • Additional to your standard dive gear: primary and backup/safety reel, primary and two backup lights.
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