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Digital Underwater Photographer


With the Digital Underwater Photographer course you will help your future scuba student divers and snorkelers develop the knowledge, skills and practical techniques necessary to obtain excellent photographs with a digital camera, even on their first photo dive.

Priorities in the course:

  • Digital cameras types and digital underwater camera systems.
  • Preparing the underwater camera system.
  • Dive with an underwater photo system demonstrating care for the environment and techniques that avoid damaging it.
  • Practice getting proper exposure, contrast and sharpness by using and controlling (as appropriate to the camera system) shutter, aperture, EV control, focus and flash.
  • Composing of photos.
  • Downloading images on the computer, backing up images, sorting and organizing images and processing images.
We offer this Specialty Instructor Course in all our locations.

Be a renewed PADI Divemaster, Assistant Instructor (or higher rating) or have completed an IDC/OWSI within the last 12 months.


One day including one open water dive. You can download a form to show your 10 logged Digital Underwater Photo dives for your Specialty Instructor Course here: Logged Digital Uunderwater Photo dives.


  • PADI DUP Specialty Student Manual & Whitebalance Slate
  • PADI Specialty Instructor Outline for DUP
  • Additional to your other dive gear: Camera & Housing
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