Sea Turtle Specialty Instructor


The Sea Turtle Awareness Distinctive Specialty course intro- duces divers and snorkellers to basic sea turtle identifica- tion and conservation. The goals of Sea Turtle Awareness course training are:

  • To familiarise students with the role of Project AWARE in preserving the aquatic environment,
  • To introduce sea turtle species common in temperate or tropical waters,
  • To provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to identify turtles and record sightings,
  • To inform students about decline in sea turtle popula- tions, importance of sea turtles to marine biodiversity and what they can do to reduce the loss of sea turtles worldwide.

Be a renewed PADI Assistant Instructor (or higher rating) or have completed an IDC/OWSI within the last 12 months.


One day including one open water dive.


  • Sea Turtle Identification Key,
  • 10 Tips for Underwater Photographers.
Optionally also: Sustainable Fisheries PSA (available on Project AWARE website), International Cleanup Day PSA (available on Project AWARE website), National Geographic Passport to Adventure (DVD), Project AWARE Clean Up Guide (CD-ROM), Project AWARE Manual Our World, Our Water, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Lesson Guides and Videos (CD-ROM), Project AWARE Certificate of Recognition Project AWARE GO ECO Brochure, AWARE Kids programme Teachers Guides and Kids Activity Book are both useful when teaching children, Project AWARE 10 Ways A Diver Can Protect the Aquatic Environment.

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