UW Communication Specialty Instructor


Are you a full face mask instructor already? You can find additional ffm challenges here. During this course we will introduce you to how you can effectively communicate underwater using OCEAN REEF's communications equipment (SUB T, SUB R & SURF). We all agree and respect that silence is one of the most appealing features in diving but we cannot deny that additional communication can sometimes have implications in terms of safety, research, teaching or simply human interaction.

People who work underwater need to communicate with colleagues (on the surface or underwater), both for logistical support and safety. As a dive professional your intension to dive is not only leisure but to do a great job underwater providing feedback to your students and keeping a safe supervision. These communications tools will help you to provide this, especially in conditions with lower visibility.

We offer this Distinctive Specialty & Distinctive Specialty Instructor Course in all locations. Please contact us if you are interested in a private event directly at your diving center.


For the user level course, be certified as a Full Face Mask Diver. For the instructor course, be a renewed PADI Assistant Instructor (or higher rating) or have completed an IDC/OWSI within the last 12 months and be certified as a PADI Full Face Mask Distinctive Specialty Instructor.


1 day including one confined and one open water training dive with the OCEAN REEF full face mask and communication system. You can download the form for your 10 logged UW Communication with FFM open water dives here: Logged UW Communication with FFM dives.


  • PADI Specialty Instructor Outline for the UW Communication with FFM
  • Additional to your normal dive equipment: Ocean Reef Full Face Mask & communication system, Tools
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