Advanced Freediver


The PADI Advanced Freediver course continues the development of freedivers who have mastered the fundamental knowledge and skills for static, dynamic and constant weight freediving. It is intended for freediving enthusiasts who wish to progress by furthering their knowledge and skills. Students complete the knowledge development using the Advanced Freediver portion of PADI Freediver Touch, followed by the Advanced Freediver Confined Water Session, and Advanced Freediver Open Water Sessions One and Two.

Requirement to successfully complete the course:

  • participate in the Advanced Freediver knowledge development segment, including the Knowledge Review, Advanced Freediver Exam and Advanced Freediver Quick Review,
  • participate in the Advanced Freediver Confined Water Session. Make one static apnea attempt of at least 2 minutes 30 seconds and one dynamic apnea must be at least 50 metres,
  • participate in the Advanced Freediver Open Water Sessions One and Two, making one constant weight freedive to at least 20 metres.

  • Certified as a PADI Freediver, or have a qualifying certi cation from another training organization,
  • 15 years old,
  • Successfully completed the EFR Primary Care (CPR) course (or another qualifying course) in the past two years.


    Two days including a knowledge development, confined sessions and two open water dives.


    PADI Freediver touch.


    • Mask, snorkel and bi fins appropriate for freediving,
    • Weight belt and weights in small increments,
    • Appropriate exposure protection,
    • Safety lanyard and strap,
    • Depth gauge and timing device or a freediving computer.


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