Basic Freediver


Free diving, or breath-hold diving, is gaining in popularity around the world. Learn about the physiological effects of free diving and techniques used for effective breath-hold dives.

PADI Basic Freediver is a subset of the PADI Freediver course. Basic Freedivers only complete the knowledge development and con ned water sessions.

Requirement to successfully complete the course:

  • swim continuously on the surface 200 metres without swim aids, or 300 metres using mask, fins and snorkel,
  • participate in the knowledge development segment, including Knowledge Review, Freediver Exam and Freediver Quick Review,
  • participate in the Freediver Confined Water Session. Make one static apnea attempt of at least 90 seconds and one dynamic apnea must be at least 25 metres.

12 years.


One day including a knowledge development and one confined session.


PADI Freediver touch.


  • Mask, snorkel and bi fins appropriate for freediving,
  • Weight belt and weights in small increments,
  • Appropriate exposure protection,
  • Safety lanyard and strap,
  • Depth gauge and timing device or a freediving computer.


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