Mares is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of state of the art diving equipment and conti­nually sets new industry standards. Offering equipment for scuba diving, spear fishing and swimming, Mares is probably best known for its legendary Avanti Quattro fins and Abyss regulators.

We've been using Mares diving gear from when we started with this sport. In 2006 Mares offered sponsorship. We are very happy with being able to promote, test and use their top of the line diving products during our courses.


Ocean Reef

For nearly sixty years, Ocean Reef has been involved in diving, contributing much to the diving industry, from fins and snorkels to the most modern systems of underwater communication. Today they are developing and retailing high performance full face mask and communication systems, regulators, and other fine diving instruments and accessories.

Ocean Reef contacted us in 2010 and invited us to their facility in Genoa, Italy, for trying out and testing their full face mask and communication systems. We were offered sponsorship and subsequently adapted their full face mask and underwater communication courses to PADI Distinctive Specialities.


Go Side Mount

Go Side Mount are a team of a highly experienced cave divers, instructors, explorers and videographers; most well known among them are Steve Bogaerts and HP Hartmann. They are intimately familiar with all of the dive sites on the Yucathan Peninsula, Mexico and offer guiding services, courses and products for side mount diving. They have also developed and are retailing the Razor side mount harness, one of the most popular side mount systems that are currently available on the market.

We have been using the Razor side mount harness since 2011 for diving and teaching. In 2013 Go Side Mount contacted us and invited us to a Razor instructor course. We are now offering also Razor side mount courses, the Razor harnes and other sidemount accessories.