Instructor Examination

Instructor Examination or Instructor Experience

Instructor Examiners from PADI EMEA or PADI Local Area Offices conduct IEs to confirm that instructor candidates meet the requirement for their certification as PADI Instructors.

IE is a two day program that evaluates your diving knowledge and skills, as well as your ability to deliver teaching presentations in the classroom, confined water and open water. Although the evaluation is pass/fail, you have the opportunities to retake most initial presentations, if necessary. With the preparation you get from us during your IDC and some additional independent study the likelihood of successfully completing your first IE is very high.

Some dive centers guarantee you to pass an IE. I prefer to guarantee you a high quality instructor course, since this is the only part I can have and influence on.

The IE has four parts:

  1. Written Exams consisting of dive theory and standards exams. Dive theory exam has 60 questions, 12 in each one of the five topics, Physics, Physiology, Skills and Environment, Equipment and Decompression Theory and the RDP. PADI System, Standards and Procedures exam has 50 questions.
  2. Knowledge Development Presentation (prescriptive teaching presentation),
  3. Teaching in Confined Water: presentation of one skill and demonstration of 5 skills out of the DM Skill Circuit,
  4. Teaching in Open Water: presentations of two skills and demonstration of Rescue Exercise #7.

Successfully participated in an IDC or OWSI within the last 12 months as well as be a certified diver since 6 months and have logged a 100 open water dives in your logbook.

No coaching rule

Even though I can not help you during the IE program I still try to be around to support you logistically and mentally if time allows. And I don't feel like my work is done with the completion of the IDC or IE. If you have any questions in your future diving career please do not hesitate to contact me and I will try to help out.


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