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Razor Sidemount

Razor Basic Sidemount Open Water Course

Many years of experience and many hours of sidemount cave diving have led to the development of the Razor Side Mount System and further on to the development of the Razor Side Mount Open Water Course program.

During the course you will learn proper adjustment of the harness, cylinder configuration, regulator configuration, proper weighting and weight distribution for the best trim, regulator switches with one hand, different propulsion techniques, equipement failure handling (bungee, bolt snap, tank clamps, bat wing, regulators, etc.) as well as other general sidemount skills adapted to the use of the Razor system.


  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent,
  • 25 dives beyond training dives recommended,
  • Course has to be in a complete Razor Side Mount System as some the skills are specific to the equipment.


4 days, knowledge development, practical applications, 3 confined, 2 open water dives.