Tec Diving Courses

Learn or Even Teach Technical Diving and Gas Blending

Tec 40 course introduces divers to limited decompression diving within accepted recreational depth limits. Candidates interested in continuing their tec education later can do the course in ful tec rig. Certified Tec 40 divers are allowed to make decompression dives to a maximum depth of 40 meters/130 feet with no more than 10 minutes of decompression.

Tec 45 course provides a transitional qualification while continuing to develop as a technical diver. This diver is qualified to make limited technical decompression dives using the equipment and the procedures used at the Tec Deep Diver level. Certified Tec 45 divers are qualified to make multistop decompression dives that employ EANx and oxygen for accelerated decompression.

Tec 50 course is the complete, entry-level skill set for extensive open circuit deep decompression tec diving. Tec 50 divers are qualified to make gas switch extended no-stop dives, decompression stop dives and accelerated decompression dives using air, enriched air and pure oxygen to a maximum depth of 50 meters using technical diving equipment and procedures.

Tec Trimix diver course is intended to extend the depth range of technical divers already trained and qualified to use air, enriched air and oxygen for technical decompression dives beyond 50 metres. This course is for Tec 50 or Tec Trimix 65 divers (or those holding a qualifying certification from another training organization). The course extends your depth range by training you to use trimix.

Tec Gas Blender course covers the physical properties of oxygen, its associated hazards, handling requirements and what cleaning equipment is necessary as well as the five methods of obtaining the desired enriched air nitrox mix and the various methods used to obtain proper helium mixes.

Tec Instructor is a sub course within the Tec Deep Instructor training course that focuses on teaching Discover Tec and Tec 40 divers. This course prepares candidates to conduct the Tec 40 course and addresses the philosophy, organization, practical considerations, promotion a nd other aspects of teaching the Tec 40 course.

Tec Deep Instructor course prepares the candidates to conduct the Tec Deep Diver line including Tec 40, Tec 45 and Tec 50 courses. During the program you'll review the course standards and equipment configurations, skill demonstrations and prescriptive presentations. You'll conduct confined water and open water sessions presenting chosen skills from the Tec 40, Tec 45 or Tec 50 programs.

Tec Trimix Instructor covers the use of sidemount configuration for technical diving. It has been developed for recreational divers who want to use sidemount as the enter open-circuit tec diving, as well as for experienced tec divers who want to transition to sidemount.

Tec Gas Blender Instructor course covers teaching techniques for Gas Blender course. Candidates should understand and demonstrates mastery of blending enriched air and trimix the principles and procedures for oxygen cleaning, oxygen service and oxygen compatible air.