Tec Gas Blender Instructor


If you are an instructor already, and Tec Gas Blender as well, you have the opportunity to become Tec Gas Blender Instructor and train your students blending enriched air.

In this one-day program we will introduce you to the course materials provided by PADI to teach this course effectively. Apart of that, we will give you many ideas how to organize and market it. Actually this level is a must for all instructors entering the tec area!


Renewed PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor or higher. PADI EANx Specialty Instructor. Tec Gas Blender or equivalent.


1 day.


Tec Gas Blender Manual, Tec Gas Blender Instructor Guide, Tec Gas Blender Final Exam, Tec Gas Blender Lessons Guides.



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